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Ask a Law Student / GraduateGo into law for the salary?

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Go into law for the salary?

Post by admin123 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:38 pm

Hi, I am a college student soon to be finishing my senior year. I double majored in mathematics and physics and have made very good grades. I realize that I do not want to pursue physics nor math any longer, but am currently under prepared for the workforce. Assuming I get into a top tier law school, and then assuming I make good enough grades for the chance at the lucrative careers, does law school seem like such a bad choice?

I know I have a rather strong work ethic when it comes to grades. I'm not quite sure how my math and physics ability will transfer over to law courses but I am willing to work hard at it for the chance of a nice paying job. I know that the lucrative salary is only available to those in the top 15 percent of so, but I like my odds. Anyone else go into law for the money and regret it, or are glad they did so?

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